How We Helped Jaybro Scale With Specialized BPO Support

How We helped Jaybro Scale With Specialized BPO Support

The Client

Jaybro Group is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of construction and infrastructure consumables, with a product range spanning everything from hard hats to precision-engineered road barriers.

The business has grown exponentially since its inception in 1996, acquiring a portfolio of complementary companies at a rapid rate over the past few years.

With more than a dozen brands in the Group, and each acquisition adding a layer of complexity to the company’s tried-and-tested processes, the management team at Jaybro needed a flexible and multidisciplinary team to ensure the core processes continued to run smoothly at all times as the business continued its growth trajectory.

Additionally, Jaybro was looking to launch a host of complex projects across key departments and needed to find a staffing solution that could be implemented faster and cheaper than traditional hiring methods.

The Challenges

When the Acxelsus team first started working with Jaybro in 2016, the company was fast becoming a leader in its market. With CPE Capital investing private equity in Jaybro in 2017, the management team had specific financial and operational goals to achieve to deliver the forecast returns of its equity partners.
Each new acquisition came with its unique staff approach, technology, and operating procedures, requiring a flexible and tailored approach to bring it into the Jaybro ecosystem that could be scaled up or down quickly.

The Solution

The solution offered by Acxelsus included providing a flexible, multidisciplinary team capable of supporting Jaybro’s growth and the integration of new acquisitions. This team was pivotal in ensuring that Jaybro’s core processes remained efficient and effective, even as the company expanded rapidly and took on complex new projects.

By leveraging Acxelsus’s specialized BPO support, Jaybro was able to implement staffing solutions that were not only faster but also more cost-effective than traditional hiring methods. This strategic partnership allowed Jaybro to maintain its trajectory of rapid growth while managing the complexities introduced by each new company acquisition.


The partnership between Jaybro and Acxelsus exemplifies how flexible and innovative BPO solutions can support significant business growth and operational complexity. Acxelsus’s ability to provide tailored, scalable support enabled Jaybro to navigate its expansion challenges successfully, reinforcing the value of strategic BPO partnerships in today’s fast-paced business environment.