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Our dedicated staff outsourcing solutions empower businesses to expand effectively and achieve sustainable growth.

Worked with Acxelsus for many years and would highly recommend them. They are 100% trustworthy and honest, have a high work ethic and inteligent staffs. The owners RJ and Mika are great people. Happy to provide references, Acxelsus will have my details if you wish to get in contact.

Braden Light |

Exceptional services tailored to diverse business needs. Friendly team with extensive expertise. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Staples – Jaybro |

About Us

Acxelsus Is A Haven For Filipino Excellence

We help businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom find and hire skilled professionals from the Philippines to fulfill customised roles in essential business services, enabling them to scale efficiently and cost-effectively!

What We Offer

Acxelsus offers full-time dedicated staff outsourcing roles specifically in essential business services fields such as:

Accounting & Finance

Acxelsus understands the importance of finance as the lifeline of every company. We help you find the right professionals to navigate the complexities of financial management. Optimize efficiency and accuracy in your financial operations by outsourcing roles such as accounting, bookkeeping, and more.

Customer Service

Empower your management team to concentrate on strategic initiatives and business expansion. Acxelsus can help you set up your team in the Philippines to oversee daily customer service operations. 

Healthcare & Medical

Focus on delivering high-quality patient care while maintaining operational excellence. Outsource non-core healthcare functions and administrative processes through Acxelsus to avoid the high costs of in-house staff hiring, training, and maintenance. 

IT Support & Web Development

Embark on a journey through the realm of IT Support & Web Development, where algorithm artistry meets digital excellence. Our tech warriors here at Acxelsus ensures your site is up and running, creating traffic for your business success.

Administration & Support

Let us handle support roles and repetitive tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on revenue-generating activities that drive your business forward. 

Sales, Marketing, Design & Social Media

Concentrate on business innovation and growth while your outsourced team that manages your day-to-day sales operations, marketing coordination, and social media campaigns. 

Why Choose Acxelsus

What Sets Us Apart

Active Engagement

Here at Acxelsus, once you attain your dream team, we don’t just leave you hanging, we guide your staff in every step of the way.

Fixed Pricing

We don’t have any hidden fees. Here at Acxelsus, we embody transparency and integrity especially to our clients and staff.

Staff Retention

Our hands-on approach towards your dream team ensures staff retention, ensuring every staff is taken care of. This approach avoids any turn over in the future.


Acxelsus not only provides opportunities, we deliver solutions at the tip of your fingers. We make your dream team a reality wherever you are.

Acxelsus very professional company. RJ is great to work with.

Matt Hooper |


Why They Love Working With Us