7 Useful Tips for Managing
Remote Staff Effectively

7 Useful Tips for Managing Remote Staff Effectively.

As our world enters into these promising post-Covid days, it’s evident that hiring remote staff has remained a popular resulting trend of the pandemic. The idea has stuck so well because business owners have realised it’s been great for reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

However, overseeing a virtual crew like this typically comes with challenges. Since Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is our realm at Acxelsus, we thought we would divulge some insightful things we’ve learned. So, just for you, here are seven practical tips for managing a remote team effectively.

1. Give clear instructions and expectations

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Communication is key.” Well, that’s especially true when you’re working with remote staff. Giving clear instructions on job duties and setting expectations from the beginning ensures that everyone starts on the right foot. If you provide this information in writing, all the better, as you can always reference back if anyone gets off track.

2. Encourage your dedicated staff to repeat back briefs

In the medical field, this practice is known as the teach-back method. It is used as a way to make sure a patient understands what is happening by having them repeat what was just discussed in their own words. There is brilliant psychology behind this—If you make it a habit to ask your remote staff members to repeat back information gone over in briefs and meetings, you’ll likely find that they retain the information longer, which is extremely valuable when managers aren’t physically present to keep going over things.

3. Have your processes documented clearly

One of the keys to managing remote staff effectively is ensuring that there’s a clear understanding and agreement on what each team member should be doing. An operations manual will help with this by providing detailed instructions and guidelines for how you want things done across all departments. It’s also helpful in ensuring you can quickly get your remote team up to speed on things and ensuring the company’s standards are met.

4. Treat your new remote staff as part of the team

Show your remote workers the same level of respect you would show any other member of staff by welcoming them and making sure they feel included. Please encourage them to participate in company culture by sharing photos of their workspace or participating in company-wide chats. Provide them opportunities to contribute to projects and be involved in decision-making. It’s easy to feel left out and alone when working remotely, but little things like this can make a big difference.

5. Set up regular communication checkpoints

Establishing frequent communication checkpoints helps ensure that remote staff are staying on track. These can be anything from a weekly meeting to daily check-ins. Communication tools like Slack or Zoom can help make the process easier and more efficient. Remote staff should be proactive about communicating with their supervisor if they are struggling or have any questions, and supervisors should make an effort to check in on remote staff regularly, even if there aren’t any specific communication checkpoints in place.

6. Be patient with new remote staff members

It can take time for new remote staff to get used to everything in your organisation, so give them some slack. They may feel overwhelmed or out of the loop at first. Be patient and help them to feel integrated into the team. Communication is key – make sure everyone is on the same page and encourage your new remote team member to ask questions if they need help understanding something. Lastly, don’t forget to thank them for their hard work once they’ve settled in!

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