Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant
in the Philippines

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Running a business successfully often involves handling multiple tasks and competing priorities simultaneously. Whilst multitasking is manageable for some small businesses, it gets progressively more challenging as the company expands, requiring you to put more effort into accommodating growth.

The easiest way to ease the pressure is to delegate process-based and operational tasks to ensure the business remains on track. Gone are the days when you needed to hire an entire support team to report physically to work every day: remote working is the future, and hiring a virtual assistant or team of business process outsourcing specialists can help you save time and stay focused on important revenue-generating activities.

You can hire virtual assistants to assist you with various tasks and business processes, and Since you won’t have to deal with basic tasks such as responding to customer emails, you can focus and spend valuable time on essential business activities like planning and strategy.

Let’s discuss the primary benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or online assistant refers to an administrative assistant who works remotely to offer support with various tasks. Most virtual assistants manage basic through to advanced administrative tasks for your company and frequently work without a physical office space. 

Some VAs are part of a larger team of business process outsourcing or BPO professionals, with companies such as Acxelsus leading the way in providing flexible remote support to businesses in Australia. 

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

1. Range of experience levels
Some virtual assistants can handle many different tasks, while others specialise in one area. Experienced assistants have valuable expertise working in different environments and types of companies. Hiring such an assistant is an asset to your business.

2. No need for physical office space
Virtual assistants work entirely remotely, so you won’t have to expand or modify your office space.

3. It Saves Time and Money
You’ll bypass the lengthy interview and onboarding processes when hiring a virtual assistant. You can hire on a contract basis to save funds with many Filipino VAs available at around 1/3 the cost of a full time hire in Australia.

4. Increased Productivity and Lower Customer Response Time
A virtual assistant can help make your business more efficient by responding to customer queries and concerns on time. You’ll be more productive in that you only handle significant, revenue-generating tasks and can focus on building deeper relationships with your customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

The Philippines is among the best countries in the world to hire a virtual assistant. Filipinos are very familiar with Western cultures and trends and have similar values and styles of working to Australians. In addition:

They Can Offer Long-term Support

Although hiring a freelance assistant is an option, freelancers are likely to have multiple clients and can occasionally be less committed to long term relationships. Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant through a business process outsourcing specialist like Acxelsus means you can work part or full time with a team member that is dedicated to your long-term business growth.

Cost-Effective, Educated and Skilled Assistants

Many Filipino virtual assistants are well educated, have degrees or have strong experience in supporting businesses abroad, however they offer these services at a lower cost than a regular employee in Australia. This is mainly due to Australia’s economic and geographical differences from the Philippines.

For instance, Australia’s minimum wage is about 20.33 AUD ($14.36) an hour with rates for full time local employees often double this amount. As such, rates are often too steep for most businesses to handle especially if they are going through a growth phase where cash flow has not caught up to the business’s output. On the other hand, you can get an educated virtual assistant in the Philippines to provide excellent business support services for significantly less. This makes a BPO company that has virtual assistants on staff a highly cost-effective option.

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines Can Handle Tasks Independently

Language barriers can significantly affect your bottom line and customer base in business. In the Philippines, English is constitutionally the second language, with Filipino virtual assistants confidently speaking and understanding English. If proper training is provided, they can handle tasks independently and with minimal supervision. When you delegate tasks, you’re confident your assistant understands what it involves and how to go about it.

Filipino Assistants Pride Themselves on Loyalty.

In today’s workforce, Millennials and Gen Yers dominate. Although these generations are notorious for being self-centred and job-hopping, the Filipino culture celebrates loyalty to employers and companies like Acxelsus provide a warm and welcoming employee culture and great benefits, so young VAs are comfortable in their role for the long term.

Filipino Traits and Values

In general, Filipinos value hard work by nature and can adjust quickly based on the circumstances. Regardless of your industry, hiring a VA or BPO team in the Philippines gives you a team of hardworking virtual assistants who can deliver what you need to grow your business.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Working with a virtual assistant may be the boost your business needs to excel ahead of the competition. However, it’s essential to ensure you hire the best fit based on your specific needs and processes. Partnering with the Acxelsus team ensures you have the best possible team depending on your business’s size and needs.

Get in touch today to enjoy great quality work, high performance and the cost efficiency you need to give your business an edge.