Leading the Future of
Business Process Outsourcing


Acxelsus offers full-time dedicated staff outsourcing roles specifically in essential business services fields such as:

Accounting & Finance

Acxelsus understands the importance of finance as the lifeline of every company. We help you find the right professionals to navigate the complexities of financial management. Optimize efficiency and accuracy in your financial operations by outsourcing roles such as accounting, bookkeeping, and more.

Marketing, Design & Social Media

Concentrate on business innovation and growth while your outsourced team manages your day-to-day sales operations, marketing coordination, and social media campaigns. 

Administration & Support

Let us handle support roles and repetitive tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on revenue-generating activities that drive your business forward. Keep your business ahead of the game with Acxelsus.

IT Support & Web Development

As technology advances, businesses must adjust by utilizing the appropriate technical resources. We make this process easy by allowing you to scale your IT & Web Development support team up or down based on business requirements.

Customer Service

Acxelsus can help you set up your team in the Philippines to oversee daily customer service operations. By efficiently managing customer inquiries through multiple channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media, response times can be significantly reduced, leading to higher customer satisfaction. 

Healthcare & Medical

Focus on delivering high-quality patient care while maintaining operational excellence. Outsource non-core healthcare functions and administrative processes through Acxelsus to avoid the high costs of in-house staff hiring, training, and maintenance.